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One of our core values is to build good things for the others. But this time it wasn’t the same, at least in the beginning. From a bit of our history, we are young programers that spend a lot of time at a desk, and by a lot, I mean 10-12 + hours. And after a few years, some problems started to appear, that in the beginning we said is nothing serious, but because we just tried to forget they started to become more and more real. We tried to look for solutions, and we found standing desks, that we could really feel that this is a must to have, if you spend more than a couple of hours sitting each day.  After a while more colleagues and friends started to complain about same problems, and this is the moment when Ergoliv was created in our mind. But we didn’t wanted only a desk, we wanted something that is top quality, that can be reliable, even after years of usage.

So after a few years, here are we now, with a solution that we are proud that it was designed here in Romania, with the sublime colors and look of the wood sourced from the heart of Transylvania, that finally is put where it belongs.

George Bocancios


Passionate about everything is tech, I always try to find the best solutions for each problem. I always enjoy spending time while playing guitar, listening music, drinking good coffee or eating a good meal with my friends. Just to be clear this doesn’t mean that I don’t spend some of my nights playing video games!

Beniamin Duca


Working for startups projects I do enjoy most, but my family is on the top of all other things. I always look and try to find solutions that the one next to me to perform at their best.

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