Anti Fatigue Mat

You work hard every day. You deserve a little help.

Stay Healthy

Sometimes, standing is not as confortable as sitting, and as our mission is to find best office experience, for being productive but in same time remaining healthy, we found a solution that will help you.

Also if at your job you have to stand for prolonged times, different fatigues can appear during the day.

Thanks to the foam layer, the ergonomic rug provides a soft and comfortable backing that absorbs the pressure of your body. Now you can work relaxed and standing. With Ergoliv anti-fatigue mat,  you will fill the difference from the very first minute.


The Benefits

Each customer that used one of this, has it’s own list of benefits, and after a while we are sure that you will have your own. Some of the best things we have noted:

  • It prevents problems with posture
  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It improves security
  • It improves general comfort of work
  • It improves productivity

Simple Design

Advanced engineering





The thickness of the mat is very important.  The optimal thickness of the mat should be 1.9cm as it provides the best anti fatigue assets, while it’s easy to step on or off.

When comes to size, we concluded that for an office desk, a 51x76cm is enough so you can move on it, but easy to manoeuvre.

The mat is shipped in plane, and never rolled. The edges of the mat stick to the floor firmly, to prevent tripping.


Designed for performance

  • Ideal size for your office space
  • Supportive ergo-PU foam desk mat reduces fatigue from standing
  • Perfect for those transitioning to a standing desk
  • High density and rebound PU foam provides long-lasting support.
  • Anti slip surface, easy to clean

Stand up for your health!

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