Artist Desk

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Artist Desk is made from suar/oak wood and is sourced from local woodlands from Transilvania, Romania. Like artists, this table top is a special one, and none of them are the same, they are unique. When we build them, we try to keep the wood natural form at the edges, but in the same time taking advantage of the form. In time, its strength, boldness and richness gets better with ages. The magnificent lines of the grain regularly form long and rich bunches that demonstrate the uniqueness and beauty of this special wood. With its warm colours and its young energy, the Artist desk is certain that will attract a lot of attention at your workspace at or home.

Before buying it, you can ask us pictures of the table top you get, so you can pick the one you like most.

5 155.00 lei TVA inclus
Frame Color Black White
Table Top Type Stejar - Natur Natural Oak Stejar - Negru Blacky Oak
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