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Artist Desk is made from suar/oak wood and is sourced from local woodlands from Transilvania, Romania. Like artists, this table top is a special one, and none of them are the same, they are unique. When we build them, we try to keep the wood natural form at the edges, but in the same time taking advantage of the form. In time, its strength, boldness and richness gets better with ages. The magnificent lines of the grain regularly form long and rich bunches that demonstrate the uniqueness and beauty of this special wood. With its warm colours and its young energy, the Artist desk is certain that will attract a lot of attention at your workspace at or home.

Before buying it, you can ask us pictures of the table top you get, so you can pick the one you like most.

5 155.00 lei TVA inclus
Frame Color Black White
Table Top Type Stejar - Natur Natural Oak Stejar - Negru Blacky Oak
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Artist Desk

You work hard every day. You deserve a little help.

Tech Specifications

Get a smart desk that’s designed to help you stay productive and it’s easy to maneuver.

By combining smart actuator systems, anti-collision functionalities, wireless desk controller panels and Zero™ standby power consumption, Ergoliv provides the most advanced technology used in height adjustable desks today. On top of that, you can even use our mobile app to track usage statistics and get reminders to change your posture. Every component, sensor and feature is thoughtfully integrated into your desk right where it needs to be.


Table top

  • Suar wood
  • Sourced from local forests
  • Natural live edge
  • Solid wood
  • Natural color
  • 150x75x3.6cm


  • 4 Presets
  • Double tap for automatic drive to preset
  • Bluetooth
  • Reminder to change posture
Ergoliv all-day casual desk actuator leg


  • Ultra quiet
  • Long lasting
  • Max speed: 38 mm/s
  • Max thrust: 1,200 N
  • Collision protection
  • Reinforced column and optimised motor housing design for extra strength and stability
  • Easy to install


The Live Edge Oak Tabletop, with its Rubio Monocoat Oil black finish, effortlessly bridges the gap between classic and contemporary aesthetics. It pairs seamlessly with a range of office decor styles, from minimalist and industrial to rustic and modern, making it the ideal addition to any professional workspace.

Artist desk stejar negru live edge Ergoliv
Artist desk stejar negru live edge Ergoliv
Artist desk stejar negru live edge Ergoliv

Stand up for your health!

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Why should I use a standing desk?

Because it’s cool!! of course. There are others reasons also, but most important for us is that it will help you stay healthy. Even if you are new to a 6-8 hours desk job, or maybe more, we know from our experience that some back pain, legs pain from blood not circulating well through, will start to appear soon. Of course you can take some long breaks, it will help a bit, but not always enough. With a smart standing desk, you can switch from standing to sitting as soon as you feel something’s not right. We suggest you to start with a 5 minutes per hours, and try to increase it to 15. So this is our main reason we tried this hard to find and build this solution, but of course there are others reasons, and depends on the job you are doing these could differ. If you already use one of these solution, let us know, what is your reason?

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Why should i use a standing mat?

Our anti fatigue mats are engineered for comfort. it will relieve up to 47% pressure on your knees, feet and delicate joints in the legs. Enjoy the Comfort this Mat delivers at your office, workplace and why not, in your kitchen.

What material is used in the standing mat?

Our standing mat is made with highest-grade foam at the inside to eliminate pressure and provide superior support. On the outside it is made from soft PU leather for a nice touch and confort.

Materials we use are Eco-friendly: Non-toxic, phthalate free. No noxious smells or chemical leaching, Easy To Clean,Anti Microbial surface

Company Info

Ergoliv is based in the city of Oradea, witch is in Romania/Europe

Company Details:

Name: Ergo Activ Desk SRL
CUI: 37974289
Vat-id: RO38293218
Registry No: J5/2142/2017

Address: Str. Salcamilor NR. 7 BL. 131 AP. 1 Oradea 410283, Bihor, Romania


All Ergoliv products come with a default warranty of 24 months. Some parts of the standing desk’s have an extended warranty of 5 years: columns, controller and control box.

How much weight can the ergonofis desks support?

Up to 150 kilograms. Our top weighs on average 20-40 kilograms.

How much weight can the ergoliv desks support?

Up to 150 kilograms. Our top weighs on average 20-40 kilograms.

How can I clean my Ergoliv desk ?

The best way to clean your adjustable sit/stand desk is to gently rub it with a damped piece of rag or towel (not soaked). Don’t use any cleaning products to keep the finish of the wood intact.

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